When you want to get a loan, you need to consider a favorable money lending company that will not only offer you a loan but also great after-services. Before consulting loan agents or advisors, you need to know the amount you need to ensure you take up a loan that will suit your needs.

With the many moneylenders out there, you can easily get confused. But you shouldn’t be a victim of that. You can consider a credible company like Avis Credit SG Pte Ltd for all your financial needs. You won’t regret your decision at all.

We are registered under the registry of moneylenders. Thereby, you are assured that any transactions you make with us will be credible.

Why You Should Choose Avis Credit SG Pte Ltd?


If you want to form a good relationship with any money lending company, you need to check their credibility. How transparent are they about their interest rates, repayment period, and any other additional charges?

We provide that information upfront to ensure you make a sober decision on whether to engage with us or not. We are also very credible, and you won’t hear a scandal about our services. The staff is also welcoming. Thereby, you will get the required advice on the kind of loan that you should take.

Β  Β  Β 1. Flexible Opening Days

Very few moneylenders in Singapore tend to open on Sunday, which is one of the days when most people are free. However, we are always open on Sundays and other days. Thereby, you are assured that even if you are busy during the weekdays, you can still consult us on Sunday for all your needs.

Regardless of the day that you approach us, you’re assured of getting the same kind of help. If you are not sure about the loan to get, you can get assistance from the loan advisors without any hesitation.

Β  Β  Β 2. Realistic Terms

How often have you checked a money lending company and felt short of checking their terms? Many times, right? Well, we have straightforward terms. They are presented genuinely, and you can choose whether we are the best financial institution for you or not.

The interest rates are also flexible based on the loan that you take. However, the repayment plan can differ based on whether it is a short-term or long-term loan. It is also different whether it is a business loan or a personal loan. You just need to find the right loan for your needs.

Β  Β  Β 3. Fast Approval

At times, you may want your loan to be approved fast to ensure that you cater to your needs immediately. We have a fast approval rate based on your needs.

There are many loan facilities offered at competitive rates. Also, you just need to provide the right documents to ensure that approval is fast so that you can cater to your needs.

Β  Β  Β 4. Experienced Business

We have been in existence since 2011, therefore you are assured that we know how to handle different loan issues and even assess the borrowers.

Therefore, if you are not sure of the needs at hand, the loan advisor can make it easier for you. The loan packages are attractive, and you should consider getting a loan for us to cater to your emergencies.

Types Of Loans Offered

We are well known for the amazing loans that we offer:

Β  Β  Β 1. Personal Loans

Personal loans are the kind used to cater to any personal needs you might have. If you are not sure of the amount you need, you can talk to our loan advisors and get a tailor-made loan to meet your needs. There are no hidden charges, and our interest rates are highly competitive.

You can use personal loans to cater for medical bills, buy household equipment, pay for fees, fix a car, and other emergencies. However, when you get the loan, use it for the right purposes.

With us, you can get a personal loan that is up to 6 times your monthly income and pay up in 12 installments. The only requirement is that you must be 18 and above and working in Singapore.

Β  Β  Β 2. Short-Term Loans

Short term loans or advances are the ones you use for immediate emergency needs.

However, you need to ensure you pay it back within the stipulated time frame since you got it. Therefore, to be on the safer side, try and pay it back as soon as you get paid. The short term loans are competitive and realistic to pay. Once you apply for the short term loan, and it is approved, you will get the money immediately.

Β  Β  Β 3. Business Loans

Do you have a business and need some funds to ensure the business thrives? Then this is the perfect loan for your business. A business loan can help push you through difficult times. Getting loans from banks can be a bit more strenuous than when getting one from a moneylending company.

Therefore, you can apply for the loan and be assured of a fast approval rate. Unfortunately, not having a proper business cash flow can be bad for your business. That’s why the business loan is customized for different needs.

You just need to provide company documents, a bank statement, a tenancy agreement of where the business is, and the NRIC of the company’s owners.

Β  Β  Β 4. Business Working Capital Loans

The business working capital loan is different from the typical business loan. This business loan is to help finance the day-to-day costs of an enterprise in its daily operations. It is not the kind of loan for expanding your company assets or long-term investment, rather it is for short-term operational needs.

Therefore, you are assured that regardless of how your business is faring, the business working capital loan will also meet your needs. You can either have unsecured working capital or a secured working capital loan.

In secure, there are no limits on the amount you can get. However, with unsecured which has no collateral,

Whether you’re seeking a personal loan, business loan, short-term loan, or working capital loan, Avis Credit SG Pte Ltd has a loan solution that’s right for you. Our commitment to transparency, flexibility, and customer service has earned us a reputation as one of the best money lenders in Singapore.

Don’t get stuck with a lender who doesn’t have your best interests in mind. Choose Avis Credit SG Pte Ltd and experience the peace of mind that comes with working with a reliable and trusted money lender. Contact us today to learn more about our loan solutions and start the application process.

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