Entrepreneurship Loan Available from a Singapore Licensed Money Lender

Every business requires some financing at some point in time. This is to either expand or grow. Funding is vital for the smooth running of any business, irrespective of whether it is a multinational, medium, or small enterprise. Business Loans offer an opportunity to expand their operations, purchase inventory, hire, buy equipment, and sort out other colossal expenditures. Liquidity is critical when it comes to day to day running of any business, and this is where entrepreneurship loans come in handy. However, there are other financing options available to an entrepreneur, but finances from Licensed Money Lenders are usually the fastest and easiest to access as compared to banks.

An entrepreneurship loan is a loan that is advanced to an entrepreneur specifically for business purposes. It can be used to finance working capital, purchase of equipment, opening new branches, etc.

Features of an Entrepreneurship Loan,ย 

  • Loan amount of up to S$500,000
  • Competitive Interest rates
  • Loan tenure of Up to 5 years


  • National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) of the Companyโ€™s owner
  • Companyโ€™s Bank Statement for the past six months
  • Tenancy Agreement for the current business premises
  • Financial Statements for the last two years
  • Income Tax notices of assessment
  • Loan Application form (Available online)

Why Choose Avis Credit as Your Financier?

We understand that qualifying for a loan from the bank, especially for small-scale entrepreneurs is a hard nut to crack. This is the reason weโ€™re here to offer you a shoulder to lean on. Below are the reasons why you should trust us, as your financier.

Simple Application Process

Our loan application process is not tedious as compared to banks. It involves less paperwork and a concise approval process. If youโ€™re applying online, itโ€™ll take you less than one hour to have money in your pocket if all your documentation is in order.ย 


We are a Singapore-licensed money lender, and this can be verified from the list of licensed money lenders operating in Singapore. So, feel safe to borrow from us as we are operating legally.

Low-Interest Rates

We offer the best rates as compared to otherย Singapore Licensed Money Lenders.ย Ourย loans are affordable to all entrepreneurs, whether operating on a small scale or large scale.

Customized Loans

We offer loans that are specifically tailored to suit each business’s needs. Weโ€™ve hired a team of professionals to assist in advising our clients on the best loan option and the most appropriate loan installment that suits your budget and ability.

Turn Around Time

Our turnaround time is quick, and you can count on us in case of any emergency in financing your working capital. Our team is well-versed in the loan processes, and we always have an officer on standby to respond to your queries online as and when they arise.


The greatest challenge faced by most entrepreneurs is the lack of finances. Donโ€™t sit back and watch your business go down. Secure aย business loanย with us! We are all that you need to have your business blossom.

For more information and guidance on how to access our loans, kindly contact our office, or fill up our online loan application form and we shall get back to you immediately.


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