Licensed Money Lenders Vs. Banks: How Long Does It Take to Get a Personal Loan in Singapore

The difficulties of adulthood are always hidden from view. To meet the many financial demands of modern life, people are always on the lookout for additional sources of funding. Many people who need quick cash go to their local banks to secure a personal loan. However, if you are limited in your banking options, you [...]

How a Bridging Loan Works and How to Apply for One in Singapore

In Singapore, a bridging loan is a significant financial solution for many small & growing businesses and aspiring individuals. It can provide a short-term solution to finance a big purchase, like when you need to acquire a new property before being able to sell your current one. This loan is helpful if you need [...]

Guide to the Best Money Lender in Singapore: Avis Credit

When you want to get a loan, you need to consider a favorable money lending company that will not only offer you a loan but also great after-services. Before consulting loan agents or advisors, you need to know the amount you need to ensure you take up a loan that will suit your needs. With [...]

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Ultimate Guide to Personal Loans in Singapore

Before actually deciding to get a loan, you need to know the specific use of the cash. This will make it easier when you are making a loan choice. If you need to do something urgently, and you don’t have the required funds, you can consider taking a personal loan. However, if you have never [...]

Is it Safe to Borrow from a Licensed Money Lender?

If you're looking to borrow money, you may have heard that it's safer to go to someone licensed by the Moneylenders Act and Rules Singapore than to look for someone on your own. However, this isn't always the case. While there are some benefits to borrowing from a licensed moneylender, drawbacks need to be considered [...]

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What are Unlicensed Money Lenders?

Life is quite unpredictable. You are living comfortably, earning and providing for yourself or your family, and the next day β€” you find yourself in a need of money. Emergencies do not send an alert before their arrival, and you may not always have enough savings. One of the best solutions is borrowing a loan, [...]

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How do I know if a loan company is licensed?

When it comes to borrowing, we cannot just randomly trust any lender. One needs to entrust a recognized banking institution or a licensed money lender in Singapore for this purpose. When we cannot get the required loan terms from any of the conventional banks, we turn to a good loan company. However, many find it [...]

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Why Must I Borrow From a Legal Moneylender?

Moneylending revolves around getting some extra cash to cater to emergencies such as medical, car repairs, flood repairs, and the like. In the current world, these emergencies arise daily, and there is a need to know where to run to sort them when they arise. Moneylending services in Singapore are practiced by many companies, mainly [...]

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24 Hour Licensed Moneylender in Singapore

No matter how one is stable financially, there comes a time when problems arise and get each one of us off-guard. The solution is to go out of our way and get some financial assistance to bridge the gap and improve the financial process flow. Take an instance of a medical emergency or even the [...]

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Licensed and unlicensed lender in Singapore

Life may be somewhat unexpected at times. You may occasionally find yourself in need of immediate cash, but your savings are insufficient. You may have considered taking out a bank loan, but what if you can't get through the red tape? The paperwork, the wait, and the uncertainty of not knowing if your application has [...]

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