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Ultimate Guide to Personal Loans in Singapore

Before actually deciding to get a loan, you need to know the specific use of the cash. This will make it easier when you are making a loan choice. If you need to do something urgently, and you don’t have the required funds, you can consider taking a personal loan. However, if you have never [...]

Guides to Borrowing from a Legal Money Lender

When you want to borrow cash or take up a loan, get one from a licensed moneylender. In Singapore, there are a good deal of money lending companies and if you are not careful you can be a victim of loan sharks. However, you need to always follow the right path and borrow from a [...]

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5 Ways To Achieve Financial Freedom

Financial freedom can be achieved in different ways. This can be in terms of savings, investments, or cash to live in a certain way. It can either be for you as an individual or with your family. Financial freedom also gives you space to choose a career that you want or retire earlier in life.Β  [...]

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How To Avoid Loan Scams In Singapore?

When you are desperate for money, you can easily fall victim to loan scammers. When you want to get a loan, try and do background research to know whether it is a legit money lending company or a loan shark to be on the safe side. The licensed money lending companies' information can be found [...]

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Should SMEs Take Out Small Business Loan In Singapore?

For any Small or Medium sized enterprise to succeed there is a need for enough startup capital. Therefore, if you are a startup owner, you need to have enough money that can sustain your business. It is reasonable for both small, medium, and large businesses to take loans to cater to their product development, operational [...]

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Is it Safe to Borrow from a Licensed Money Lender?

If you're looking to borrow money, you may have heard that it's safer to go to someone licensed by the Moneylenders Act and Rules Singapore than to look for someone on your own. However, this isn't always the case. While there are some benefits to borrowing from a licensed moneylender, drawbacks need to be considered [...]

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Is Taking a Credit Loan in Singapore a Good or Bad Idea?

Most people resort to credit loans in Singapore when they experience a financial shortfall. It is a preferred alternative to other borrowing options since you get a free hand on how to use the cash. However, credit loans in Singapore are not immune to a bad reputation. A part of the credit goes to our [...]

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What is Fast Cash in Singapore?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed cash but did not have enough savings? If so, you know how easy it is to be caught in a financial emergency. Whether the emergency is big or small β€” if you do not have the cash to deal with it promptly and efficiently, [...]

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What are Unlicensed Money Lenders?

Life is quite unpredictable. You are living comfortably, earning and providing for yourself or your family, and the next day β€” you find yourself in a need of money. Emergencies do not send an alert before their arrival, and you may not always have enough savings. One of the best solutions is borrowing a loan, [...]

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