Do you have any financial issues in your business and need a boost? Ever thought of how you could get a fast cash loan in Singapore? These financial issues in the business could cause a great impact on your business operation.

You could need money for health expenses; be it a family member being very ill or maybe an unexpected accident that requires a large sum of money instantly. It could also be an educational loan for your children or even for you as you further your studies.

Some moneylenders in Singapore give you flexible repayment terms which is not a common deal in the business world. Avis Credit offers up to 6x your monthly salary and gets approval within 5 minutes. It is an effortless application and you get your loan fast.

There are also no hidden fees except the mentioned ones. All the documents you provide will also be kept private and no third party will get their hands on the document.

The Best Tips on How to Get a Fast Cash Loan

In Singapore, many money lenders offer loans. However, in some, it takes time before getting the loan that you desire. However, in some other money lending companies, you get your cash loan within a short time.

Different money lending firms have different procedures in lending money. Here are the tips on getting a fast cash loan from a licensed money lender in Singapore:

1)    Bring with you the necessary documents

Since it is a financial process certain documents need to be presented to confirm your identity as well as your assets. When applying for a fast cash loan, go with your National identity card documents showing some of the property you own if you have.

You should have a work ID or if you own your own business show the licenses to prove so. Providing documents is important since it gives the lender a good impression and feels comfortable lending you money.

Remember to take all your documents with you after finishing up with the signing and money matters.

2)    Follow all the relevant instructions

It is very important to adhere to what you are told by the money lenders regarding financial matters. If you are told you cannot get a certain amount of money due to your assets you should accept without complaint since it cannot change.

If you turn out to be harsh you might lose the chance of getting the money. Indeed, the first impression does matter. Same to you as the customer you should deal with the lender who respects you and advises you appropriately.

3)    Discuss with the lender the collateral

It is better to bring up the discussion regarding the collateral before agreeing with the lender. You might be unable to pay the loan in time, making the lender take some of your assets. Thus it is very important to talk about the terms and conditions.

Collaterals can be any kind of asset that you have like a car or house. Imagine that being taken away from you, sad, right? Hence, it is wiser to discuss broadly with the moneylender regarding the issue.

4)    Sign a complete contract

It is advisable to read the contract keenly before signing it. You should also make sure that the contract is complete to avoid cases of being a fraud.

The loan contract consists of the value of collateral, the interest rate, the day money is lent, guarantees, covenants, and the duration are given to repay the money. To be on the safer side ask for a copy of the contract after signing as proof. This will help you for future purposes when an issue arises.

5)    Trust your instincts

If you go to a certain moneylender and do not feel convinced, do not take the loan. You might be dealing with an illegal moneylender who does not even have a license.

If the lender insists on staying with your documents you should doubt the legitimacy of the lender. He or she might want to do something illegal with your documents. Take care. Remember that most registered money lenders can’t harass you even if you take a while before paying. They will just keep reminding you of the remaining amount politely.

Factors to consider before going to get a loan

When you decide to take a fast loan in Singapore, try to consider these factors:

1)    Your debt-to-income ratio

This is the comparison between the monthly debt payment you will be giving out and the income you will be receiving per month. The income has to be higher than the debt installment. This is to reduce the amount of time that you will need to fully pay the loan.

2)    The interest rates and repayment time.

The interest rates depend on the amount of money you tend to borrow from the respective money lender. You should do your calculations properly before getting the loan to be able to organize yourself on how you will pay. Lower interest rates will keep the repayment amount within reasonable limits.

When planning to get a loan, you should consider the time you will start paying back the money. Try to find an ideal money lender who will provide enough time to pay back. This will help you to get back to your appropriate financial position to avoid straining while paying back.

3)    The financial state you are in

Through this, you will be able to know whether you will strain to pay back the loan or if it will be easy for you to pay back. Hence, only take a loan amount that is appropriate, just an average amount.

Additionally, you should consider the value of the asset you are intending to have as collateral with your lender. The asset can be used to determine the maximum amount of money you can borrow. Some examples of collaterals are houses, cars, and livestock among many others.


It is therefore very important to have a background check of the moneylender you want to get a loan from. It is better if you research the respective agency to confirm how legit it is and to avoid future misunderstandings.

You should check the reviews as well as their policies. As the money lending industry is growing in Singapore, people are now more willing to loan clients. By taking a loan you should be ready to risk some of your assets in case you do not pay up.

It is quite clear that not all money lenders are legit or have good intentions. Be there physically while signing the contract and picking the money or when the money is being transferred to your account. Beware of scammers!